Top 10 Best Web Hosting Companies

10 Best Web Hosting Companies

On Internet there are Various best web hosting companies are available now days. With this new emerging rage of self-employment, entrepreneurship, and more people are inclining towards this freedom of working rather than the regular 9 to 5 jobs. Listed here are top 10 best web hosting companies that you can use to your advantage. Let’s get started:

blue host:

Blue host is extremely suitable for businesses of small and medium sizes. It is one of the best web hosting companies that has been functioning since the year 1996. They are operating 2,000,000 sites at the present moment. Their range starts from $3.94 per month. The services they provide are appreciated in the entire world. They provide unlimited GB hosting space and domain hosting. Google advertising credit of about 100 is provided by blue host. They have a magnificent bonus of money back guarantee anytime you want and customer care services are available 24/7 to their customers. Their include Word Press hosting, hosting, and dedicated hosting in their plans… Blue host is an extremely fast and secure web solution for your business and definitely amongst best web hosting companies in the entire world.

Host Gator:

They say ‘web hosting made EASY and AFFORDABLE ‘. It provides unlimited disk space and bandwidth. It provides virtual private server along with the dedicated web hosting service. It is one of the best web hosting companies that is serving 3,000,000 customers.


Inmotion is a web hosting company that provides an amazing customer service. It is an extremely easy web hosting company to use; it provides various web hosting tools free of cost. . It provides solid state drives for free along with the unlimited space. It is the best option for wordpress hosting service. Vps hosting, reseller hosting are some of the services they provide.

Just Host:

It is an amazing and a superb option out there for your site. The lowest price provided by just host is 5.99 dollars. This is not easy on your pocket but it’s definitely worth it. A hosting service of just host has Linux and window based servers. It provides extremely quick service. It doesn’t have any setup fee. If you want to import a word press blog, it might be difficult, but it is definitely possible by just host.

Go daddy:

GoDaddy is a one of the best web hosting company that has emerged not too long ago and have reached heaps of success. Their services are secure, reliable and fast. With them you get unlimited bandwidth and various services for site building. They provide three packages being deluxe, ultimate and economy.


It is one of the top web hosting companies. It has been around for about 15 years and has catered a number of sites, blogs and businesses. The plans provided by them are quite bendable. Their regular price is 9.99 dollars/month. Its best feature is $500 advertising credit, which is absolutely free. They provide a money back guarantee, any time you want. It is one of the best web hosting companies.

Web: has a very powerful logo called ‘YOU SAY IT, WE BUILD IT’. It really blooms up small businesses. They help you with management and web designing. They have multiple domain registers. It is very cost effective, as low as 0.50 dollars/month. It also provides unlimited bandwidth to their users. It is a complete web support package for your business.

Fat Cow:

It is amongst top best web hosting companies in the entire world. Their services are ideal for individuals and small organizations. Their selling point is that they are eco-friendly. They use servers that use wind energy. They start from $4.08. They provide various facilities like a free domain name, desk space and unlimited bandwidth. They are very easy to use and have quite a number of templates.

IX Web Hosting Service:

It provides unlimited bandwidth and space. It gives $175 credits for free advertising and also provides money back guarantee of 30 days. It was started in 1999 and since then providing exceptional services to people and has definitely made its mark amongst to 10 best web hosting companies. Their prices match their quality of work.


Prices of hub are starting from $3.99 and they are providing unlimited space and bandwidth. $200 advertising credit is given by them along with a money back guarantee of 90 days. It is easy to use and perfect for small businesses and is definitely amongst top 0 best web hosting companies. They provide exemplary service which is economical as well. They have earned numerous rewards for their work.

Best WordPress SEO Plugins To Get Higher Rankings

Best WordPress SEO Plugins

There is variety of premium plugin and free WordPress SEO plugins given for your concern to make your services easier. All these plugins have discrete advantages including EasyWPSEO. It is a better and active technique that is perfect for keyword optimization as compared to the other plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast. You must be well aware of the fact that which plugin is suitable for your blog. The WordPress SEO plugins is the part of it that will make your work easier. The value is to provide you good quality services for your blog popularity that enhances the traffic on it.

WordPress SEO by Yoast:

It is the perfect SEO plugin to make your blog a favorite spot to stay. It helps to provide you help and boost up the traffic as per many factors.

It helps in adding Meta value foe homepage.

The aim is to provide the addition of Meta value for a post.

It is a good Social SEO

Producing the file of sitemap

It knows how to optimize the blog traffic because it knows that they have precious worth to you. It provides you the opportunity of making your blog popular easily.

Broken Link Checker Plugin:

It is very effective and the helpful plugin for getting the external and internal broken links. It can freeze the services of hosting for a while but it is helpful getting more traffic. These plugin services are specially designed and manufactured with the high technology that is suitable for your blogging and execute the best results. The other thing that has made it popular and demanding is the expert Search engine Optimization assistance. It is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins for the best blogging.

SEO Friendly Image:

Image is the great tool that helps in the optimization of the blog very effectively. It is one of the wonderful WordPress SEO plugins that is useful for this purpose. You will find an extreme consistency in its quality work. The fundamental step to gain popularity among the clients is to maintain the image quality. These plugin settings are crafted with the high technology that is of great kindness. All these are extremely durable and never fade their charm out. These are dynamically efficient show the best result.

SEO Smart Link WordPress:

It is the best plugin that is highly efficient for developing the blog easily. It is highly perfect for on-page optimization. It helps for the keyword optimization as per the rules of the Google webmaster tool. It is no doubt very active and efficient as well.


The idea behind designing the website is to provide convenience and optimization service to your website as well. It is the best plugin settings that it optimizes your business website as per the rules of the search engine optimization. These are perfect to provide you the online blogging services. It conveys the best web facilitating where everybody can bear to have their bit of the plugin services. These are focused on conveying the best esteem in facilitating by giving a protected, solid and effective procedure to make an Internet vicinity, all with a value structure driven by worth.

How To Get High Quality Backlinks to Your Website

How to Get High Quality Backlinks

High Quality Backlink is an important feature in the search engine optimization. Obtaining back links for a website helps in increasing the rank of the blog in the page ranking by Google. Some ways to gain High Quality backlinks to your blog are listed below.

Use Yahoo:

Firstly, posting answers on yahoo is definitely beneficial for your website. A software, WP Robot, when linked with your website, takes out the answers from yahoo and shows them on your website. Higher number of answers will gain you more readers.

Another great idea is to break your article into parts. The article, because of its great length will be better if it’s broken into shorter length and attract more readers. In such cases, it is recommended to link all the parts of the article with each other so that when one piece of article is read, the other articles also show up too.
Since the second article is in continuation with the first one, it is highly advised that you link it with the first one so that whenever a viewer visits one of the articles, he is in a way instigated to view the other article as well.

Take Help From Wikipedia:

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia goes through a lot of editing each day. Frequently, new information is added. This way, you can edit the information present on Wikipedia that is related to the blog you own. Later, you can edit the article and then insert the link of your website in the article present on Wikipedia. So, when the reader wants to read more about the article, he will be directed to your blog through High Quality backlinks.
You can visit a renowned website and give a good feedback on the blog containing the link to your site. This way, the owner of the renowned website can promote your website which will not only help you gain readers, but also High Quality backlinks too.

One way to achieve a banklink to your site is to link a social bookmark to your site. This makes it easier for the users to share the blog. There are many sites which offer the social book marking facility for free so make sure to search for them.

Give Away Gifts:

Giving away rewards and gifts is also a good idea. Try quizzes and lucky draws and question them about your site. This will also help in increasing your fan base and attract more readers. This can also leads to promotion since the winners post about it.
It is also a good idea to have your link posted on another website if you are friends with the owner of it. Or you can always try guest posting since it is free and also helps gain extra viewers to your site.
Lastly, the most important thing is to keep in mind that you should only try blogging if you are interested in writing. Blogging just for the sake of money will not get you anywhere. It is better if you focus on having good content and the money will flow in itself.

7 Ways To Get Quality Backlinks To Your Blog

high quality backlinks

High Quality Backlinks is a significant factor in terms of the Search Engine Optimization. It improves the position of the site if you gain the Quality Backlinks for it that increases the points of the site in the PageRank chart of the Google. A beginner should be well aware of the strategy and the ways to get the various Quality Backlinks for the site including article submission, guest posting, forum posting and others. There are many ways that are helpful in getting backlinks for your site. All these methods are very useful and enhance the traffic to your website in a highly effective manner.

  1. Yahoo Answers

It is the effective way for this purpose is to post the answer on Yahoo. It has numerous advantages for the website. The software WP Robot can be placed on the site to extract the answer and is used to display all those answer on the site. The key to get success and the popularity of the website is to answer on famous niche such as Bollywood gossips, money making and many others. It is the best method to raise the popularity of your site and getting the viewers and links for it.

  1. Multiple Series Link

It happens that a long article needs to be divided in some parts. It is the way that is highly effective and is recommended by the Tech Entice that both parts should be linked together for getting views and links. In this way when the viewer visits the one article he automatically gets connection to the other.It is extremely proficient and expert in rendering the technical services. These are the definite solution of your website popularity among the other websites as per the requirement of the Search Engine Optimization.

  1. Edit Wikipedia

These are extremely consistent, quality ways that provides with surety of website’s popularity. The Wikipedia is the most famous encyclopedia that is available on web for the guiding the users. It is used to provide the knowledge and information of every required topic. Moreover, it has the option of editing and giving the updates for the topic. It is the effective way to give the break to your website that you edit here provides the knowledge of the relevant topic. It guarantees that all these edited information execute best result and work at the ideal standard.

  1. Testimonial and Social Bookmarks

It is very important to visit a recognized website and write a professional feedback and the testimonials on the website that provides you a great fame. There are several websites that offers the opportunity of the social bookmark. It is the best strategy that is useful for the Quality Backlinks gaining to bookmark your website and share it on social media. All these steps of are very productive, steady and solid with astounding strategy. These are one of the effective methods and best ways, emphasizing a greatly strong development, regular suitable increases and compelling website that will take the worry of the majority of your errands without much trouble.

  1. Reward:

One of the most fascinating methods of getting back-links is providing away prizes and presents. Go for a fortunate attract activity and generate in the visitors by asking them to web link to your website and provides them the opportunity to win interesting presents through fortunate attract.

  1. Joint Ventures:

If you have collaboration with a founder of some other website, you can always have a choice of placing up your web link on that website. You can also ask other websites whose entrepreneurs are buddies, family members or associates to you and improve the back-link procedure.

  1. Technical Attract

This is always in support of its readers’ writing a blog convenience and comfort, still we regularly would like to pressure on the point that blog writers should always have the primary concentrate on great content.

How To Write SEO Optimized Articles

SEO Optimized Articles in WordPress

Many people who are best and well write the article, but in the front of SEO here are many terms and condition that make your article seo friendly. Seo optimized article is very vital for those who really want to increase their site ranking. Here are some tips and tricks that would be give you batter instructions that how can you write seo optimized article.
Many people have different blog post which they running in the web, but at that time when they are going to publish that articles on their blogs, they should keep in their mind some good tips. That would give them brief ways that how to earn via their seo optimized content. Two things are so important for the readers and seo, Meta tags and post title. Both things would be attractive for people and seo. Post title for people (how they would understand in that going article) Meta tag for the google.
Next is Meta description, this is vital thing you can consider to write down 150 character Meta description which include keyword in it. This is vital why? Because Google rank that description with keyword in batter way.
Next thing is to add images with description, as google didn’t read the images, this is good to write down the short description in them.
Anchor text and inter linking is also vital for good post.
Here are the quick check list that would be give you better understanding that your all post is as per seo.
First see post title is attractive
Must be add H1, H2, H3
Anchor text is vital
Meta description and Meta tags
This is the check list which you will consider when you are going to post article as per seo.
But how to write down that content, would you also consider some points when you are going to write or just simply add content? This is the batter answer of this question that you just search down the relevant data regarding the article and write on them. So never assume your content is not relevant and your article would be seo optimized.
Moreover, your article should have good density of keyword that identify how to rank your website for the help of that keyword. This is good to add anchor text in them. This is obvious to have good content to more rank your website. Finally, this is right if you have good content and seo optimized, your article would be ranker batter other websites. This should be good intimation that you receive good rank for your website due to your article. So if your article would be user friendly, readers come and batter understand what you want to explain in your article. This is the most attractive thing in your website. Usage of keyword is also in sensible, not that you just posted out of range and that would send your site in spam. So be very take care of this thing.

How To Make Money On Youtube With Your Videos

Earn money with YouTube

YOUTUBE is nothing new, everybody knows it’s the most helpful, entertaining and one of the most popular sites that we all enjoy or benefit from. Some You Tubers are considered celebrities today. It is the most used online video streaming website and it is quite predictable that it has acquired such position. So if you want to earn a handsome amount online, YouTube is a great platform. All you have to do is make a video, maybe add some quirky editing skills, monetize it with AdSense. Advantage of YouTube is that not only you are being paid for ads on your content, but also for the views you are getting on your videos. It is pretty awesome, isn’t it? Earning money via YouTube is only possible if you are a YouTube partner. You will have to check if YouTube offers partnership programs in your area.

Best Ways To Make Money Online From Internet

Ways to Make Money

With the advancement in the internet technology, several ways to make money online have emerged. Now greater numbers of people are quitting their outside the home jobs to earn money by sitting at their home. With the ease they have by working from their home, no wonder people prefer the ways to make money online.

Start Blogging:

Make Money Online Blogging

With the increasing trend of blogging, people are paying more attention to make blogging as their way to make money online. It requires a very little investment and you can easily create a number of loyal viewers and once you achieve that, you can make money with your blog even without publishing anything on your blog for the time being. There are several easy ways to create your blog including Blogger, WordPress, and other free platforms. The domain name and the registrar could be used for building the blog.

Affiliate Marketing:

Make Money from Affiliate Marketing

The process of affiliate marketing is not complicated at all. If you are already running a blog or a website of your own, you can easily use that space to make some additional money for yourself. The process is really simple. You need sign up for the website that are designed for this purpose such as Moms Affiliate. After signing up, you need to choose the type of company with which you want to get affiliated. You need the company’s approval before you start to advertise for it. After the approval by the company, you will be given the company’s banners and graphics that you can advertise on the free space of your website or blog. Once the people will start using the link on your website for purchasing the company’s items, you can start earning as well. There are so many different kinds of affiliate marketing programs that are offered by different companies. You can find the one associated with the business you are interested in on affiliate marketing websites.



Make Money Freelancing

A number of websites are designed to help the beginners to get the work at home. You can choose among innumerable freelancing websites such as oDesk, Freelancer and Elance to help you suggest the way to make money online. These websites offer work for everyone with different interests. You can definitely find the job related to your area of interest on these websites. These websites have a great facility of the work timer that keeps the record of the amount of work that you did on these websites, making not only the record for the employer but also ensuring the guaranteed payment. If you think yourself capable of working in a certain area or have expertise related to specified domains, you can start the work search on these websites today.

Money Making With YouTube:

Earn money with YouTube

We are all familiar with YouTube as the best video streaming website. There are billions of people who use YouTube for watching videos daily, therefore making it one of the top 10 popular websites. Not just for watching videos, YouTube also provides an amazing opportunity for everyone to make money using it. Adsense on YouTube helps you make money on your own created tutorials and video blogging. You can get payment on the number of views and likes on your videos. The only limitation by earning through this method is that the Partnership program with the YouTube that allows you to make money is available only for the limited countries. So, the only way to make money online with YouTube is that if you are the inhabitant of one of the countries offering the partnership program.

Sell E-Books To Make Money:

Make Money Selling Your Own eBook

Selling the E-books has become a popular online business during the past few years. For every e-book you need, you will easily find a seller or two online. It is a good earning option and helps you earn more than your expectations. You can start making money within few days of starting this business if you know exactly how to do this. Even if you do not know how to do this, it is not difficult at all to learn it. There are so many people already involved in this business, who can help you out. But the chances of earning higher through this method increase if you are selling your own written e-book.

Domain Name Flipping:

Make Money by Flipping Domain

There are so many domains with names on the internet and buying or selling them is an easy way to make money online. The best way is to choose the domain with the name that is expected to be in high demand in the coming time. There are different articles written that can help you to choose the right domain name.


Make Money Online By Micro Jobs

These are the easy jobs that can help you make small money. It mostly includes searching few terms using the search engines, but there are a few websites that are offering better tasks in this field as well.

Make Money With Gigs:

make money Gigs

If you possess some great skills such as installing the WordPress plugins, editing, graphic designing etc, there is a chance for you to earn good money on Fiverr. You can list your specialty each for the payment of $5 and you can earn guaranteed money with this method.

Earn By Teaching:

Make Money Teaching Online

If you think you have all the abilities of a good teacher, then the site like udemy is a great place for you to start. It is a really good way to make money online. There are so many people who are making money using this website

Virtual Assistant:

 Make Money Online By  Virtual Assistant

The number of people doing this kind of online job is increasing every day because of the ease it offers to those who do not feel themselves capable of doing any other online job. It only requires data entering skill and the research skills that are possessed by almost all the internet users these days.

These are some of the easiest and Best ways to make money online. With the decreased job opportunities in the marketplace, people are turning more towards the way to make money online as it not only is an easy way to do job but also offers a guaranteed job relevant to your skills. There is a good scope of earning handsome money using this method.

How to Set Up WordPress SEO by Yoast Properly

Set Up Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

The WordPress SEO by Yoast is known as the prominent name for the excellent SEO plugins for WordPress. It is an obvious fact that the WordPress SEO by Yoast is very difficult in features and to handle. A true guideline is essential to handle it and to get the appropriate knowledge of the configuration of the plugin at optimal level.

Guide to handle the Yoast SEO Plugin

The Plugin SEO Search facilitates you with extreme quality features at high level. It makes your work easy and comfortable. It is the fact that all these configurations of plugin for WordPress SEO by Yoast are designed of solid and efficient configuration. There are several new versions are available in the market to handle it. The plugin has combined with different features including RSS Footer Plugin, Meta robots Plugin and many others. It offers several features to make your work easier and comfortable. WordPress SEO by Yoast is the center of the convenience to handle the WordPress search engine optimization. It can be tricky for some users in setting up and the new bloggers feel it tactful or difficult without any basic skills of SEO. The incorrect configuration or wrong step regarding handling it can break bots of search engine from indexing it. Some important features of this Plugin that are offered for the SEO are given as under.

  1. It verifies the sites in Alexa, Bing and Google
  2. It helps to set the title meta settings
  3. It hides the short links, WLW RSD from head
  4. It provides the facility in controlling the meta for author page and Taxonomies
  5. It is used for supporting Facebook Open Graph
  6. It helps in generating sitemap
  7. It gives an advance permalink control
  8. Supporting Breadcrumbs for easy WordPress SEO by Yoast
  9. Adding the Google authorship for the authors
  10. Hiding the date from the snippets of the Search engine
  11. Combines the settings from SEO Plugin of different versions.
  12. Hatches files can be edited easily.

These are all extraordinary efficient and very easy to use. These are designed with the objective to make your routine comfortable through these configurations because all these things are very comfy and designed in the way that is easy to setup and easy to use. All these features of plugin for WordPress SEO by Yoast are portable and dependable.

It is very important to know for the users that they should use to set the plugin settings by importing it from the other SEO plugins like Hadspace2, All In One SEO, and Old All In One SEO. If an activated WordPress SEO is installed by Yoast then you should access the SEO>Import & export at left side of the panel. You can select your required settings from here. It has a broad range of this setting that is always updated according to the modern needs and technology. These plugin settings for WordPress SEO by Yoast are designed at the mission to providing convenience and take you out of the stress of working. It empowers your settings with extreme good quality and new technology.


  • WordPress SEO Dashboard

WordPress SEO dashboard

It is the first step of it is submitting your site to Yandex, Pinterest, Alexa, Bing and Google. The most efficient feature of plugin settings for WordPress SEO by Yoast dependably plans the results of remarkable style. It makes an excursion worldwide to find the most flawlessly awesome decision of SEO. These are extremely efficient, convenient and consistent steps for you. It helps you to be enthusiastic and motivated you to explore new world through these Plugin. All these settings can turn your routine into active mode.


  • Titles of Meta Setting

 SEO by Yoast-Title-and-metas

It will clean your blog by hiding the information. It is the most significant step of the plugin. If you select the metas and the titles once then the selection of the help section first will show you which operator can be used for better results. The plugin settings for WordPress SEO by Yoast through it have a several benefits. Finding a robust outside item compensated for quality and capability is not a straightforward errand, especially if your financial plan is low. It is made to give a perfect level of worth in this appreciation, considering a far reaching mixture of plugin settings, while keeping up the ideal adaptability needed for long term usage.


  • Taxonomies


This step will change your plan of depending SEO plan. The title template can be configured as per the needs of the SEO. Add brand-centric title templates and users for indexing tags. This new plugin settings for WordPress SEO by Yoast is especially designed to work wherever, and needs simply an important settings to work, allowing you to acknowledge phenomenal SEO work when there is no source open. These late and proficient technical services are unobtrusive and more accommodating for easy working. This sort of plugin setting obliges minimized and exploring style to utilize. These settings are beneficial for WordPress SEO by Yoast.


  • Social Setting


It is the best and efficient setting that provides you complete Google Knowledge Graph feature. It shows you complete profile of social media in the search engine. It is very easy and convenient to use. These plugin settings for WordPress SEO by Yoast are expected to advance this beneficial and recreational action for your easy working. You can perform with more trust in the vicinity of sound plugin setting. It maintains uprightness, genuineness and reasonableness. The key goals are advancing fabulousness, driving development, grasp change, nonstop change.

The real mission of introducing these plugin settings for WordPress SEO by Yoast is to secure and save you along with your satisfaction. It provides safe and secure plugin settings as per new trends. These are extremely comfy and relaxing for your SEO work.  It gives you great performance that is full of confidence and comfort. These plugin settings for WordPress SEO by Yoast are technically skilled and trained at their profession. They are offering you best quality work along with unique settings.