How to Get High Quality Backlinks

High Quality Backlink is an important feature in the search engine optimization. Obtaining back links for a website helps in increasing the rank of the blog in the page ranking by Google. Some ways to gain High Quality backlinks to your blog are listed below.

Use Yahoo:

Firstly, posting answers on yahoo is definitely beneficial for your website. A software, WP Robot, when linked with your website, takes out the answers from yahoo and shows them on your website. Higher number of answers will gain you more readers.

Another great idea is to break your article into parts. The article, because of its great length will be better if it’s broken into shorter length and attract more readers. In such cases, it is recommended to link all the parts of the article with each other so that when one piece of article is read, the other articles also show up too.
Since the second article is in continuation with the first one, it is highly advised that you link it with the first one so that whenever a viewer visits one of the articles, he is in a way instigated to view the other article as well.

Take Help From Wikipedia:

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia goes through a lot of editing each day. Frequently, new information is added. This way, you can edit the information present on Wikipedia that is related to the blog you own. Later, you can edit the article and then insert the link of your website in the article present on Wikipedia. So, when the reader wants to read more about the article, he will be directed to your blog through High Quality backlinks.
You can visit a renowned website and give a good feedback on the blog containing the link to your site. This way, the owner of the renowned website can promote your website which will not only help you gain readers, but also High Quality backlinks too.

One way to achieve a banklink to your site is to link a social bookmark to your site. This makes it easier for the users to share the blog. There are many sites which offer the social book marking facility for free so make sure to search for them.

Give Away Gifts:

Giving away rewards and gifts is also a good idea. Try quizzes and lucky draws and question them about your site. This will also help in increasing your fan base and attract more readers. This can also leads to promotion since the winners post about it.
It is also a good idea to have your link posted on another website if you are friends with the owner of it. Or you can always try guest posting since it is free and also helps gain extra viewers to your site.
Lastly, the most important thing is to keep in mind that you should only try blogging if you are interested in writing. Blogging just for the sake of money will not get you anywhere. It is better if you focus on having good content and the money will flow in itself.

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