Configure All in one SEO Pack Plugin

There are tons of SEO plugins to optimize WordPress i am going to share another great and popular SEO plugin called ALL In One SEO Pack for Search engine optimization.Which will make your website search engine friendly.Here is complete guide To Configure All in one SEO Pack Plugin Properly.

Before you configure All in one SEO WordPress Plugin.I highly recommend you to use WordPress SEO by Yoast instead of This SEO plugin.WordPress SEO by Yoast have many advance features to optimize your WordPress blog Properly.


Complete Guide to Configure ALL In One SEO Pack:



Configure ALL In One SEO Plugin



To configure this plugin First thing you have to do is to install and activate All in One SEO Pack.then Go to General Settings.

General Settings ALL In One SEO Plugin

In general settings just enable canonical URLs and skip other option as it is.

Homepage Settings Section:

In All in One SEO Pack Homepage Settings there are three boxes home tittle,home description and home keyword.


Homepage Settings All in one SEO Pack Plugin


Home Title: You have to type your blog title with keyword and shot tagline like this (Techoric – Blogging,SEO,Make Money Online & Tech Reviews)

Home Description: Enter 160 words description along with keyword related to your blog

Home Keywords: You can leave this box as it is but if you want you can type some focused keyword according to your niche.

Disable Keyword Settings Section because these option will not help your blog to boost your search engine results anymore and move to title section.


Title Settings Section:

Title Settings All in one SEO Pack Plugin

In title settings Just remove %blog_title% from post title format And leave everything as it is.

Webmaster Verification Settings:

 Webmaster Verification Settings All in one SEO Pack Plugin

All in One SEO Pack Webmaster Verification is very useful for verification of your WordPress blog on Pinterest,Bing webmaster and google webmaster.all you have to do is,submit your blog to these websites and paste their verification code in these boxes.

Google Settings Section:

In Google Settings you can enter Google Plus profile URL and login to your Google plus profile to link your blog for google verified can also enter Google analytics ID to enable Google analytics for your blog.

NoIndex Settings Section:

All in one SEO Pack Plugin NoIndex Settings

NoIndex Settings allows you to enable and disable indexing of archive pages and categories of your blog in search engines.these option are good for user experience but not for search engines so noindex all options.

In Advance settings Section unchecked “Auto generate descriptions” Click update settings and you are done with your all in one seo pack configuration.

Optimizing Single Posts with All in One SEO plugin:


Optimizing Single Posts  All in one SEO Pack Plugin

When you will add your blog post you will see Titles, Description and Keyword boxes.this is most important section of search engine optimization for your blog and post.

Title: You can enter alternate or same post title along with keyword

Description:Enter 160 words keyword rich description this will help your post to get noticed by search engines.

Keyword: Just leave this field empty.



Download:  All in one SEO Pack Plugin

I hope these guide helped you to to configure WordPress All in one SEO Pack Plugin For your WordPress blog.For questions and feedback leave comment below.