Setup CloudFlare Free CDN

People from all around the world are engaging with each other. They use multiple application and websites in order to be updated and socialize. What makes you so special for audience to attract? What tools are necessary for running a successful website?

 content delivery network

What is CloudFlare CDN?

CDN stands for ( Content Delivery Network ). As name suggest, it is being used by many websites such as: Facebook, This network is design to serve the purpose as a life saver application with many benefits.

It is also helps to boosting up the website speed, website Security and saving what are you waiting for install the CDN application “Cloud Flare” and makes your websites run faster. The application is free, so it won’t be having any registration requirements.This application isn’t just easy and free in use, but it also provides language freedom. Besides, being friendly in use, it provides the best solution to your website speed.

How to Setup CloudFlare Free CDN ?

Now a days there are many Web Hosting Companies like Bluehost,Hostgator have now integrated CloudFlare in their cPanel.If your web hosting is providing automatic installation of cloudflare CDN Just Login to your hosting cPanel and under under advanced you will see cloudflare icon Click it to proceed with automatic installation or you can manually set it up, by updating your DNS records.

setup CloudFlare free CDN from cPanel



Automatic Setup of CloudFlare Free CDN:

In Advanced Settings of cPanel Hosting Provider click on the icon of CloudFlare CDN.After that you will be asked to select your desired domain name to setup CloudFlare Free CDN.

cloudflare cpanel
Once the domain name is selected then Click on Gray Cloud icon to activate CloudFlare and Orange CloudFlare Cloud to deactivate CDN.

cloudflare cpanel CDN

Configuring Cloudflare CDN Manually:

In case your web hosting cPanel is not providing Cloudflare CDN Option,Then you can install and setup Cloudflare CDN manually in a few steps.Go to this is the official website of CDN for free.Create a free account. This account will facilitate you to easily avail other features too.

cloudflare website
Add your website address. The application will detect sub-domains and associated IPSs of your main domain.

CloudFlare Free CDN
Next you have to select the plan for your cloudflare CDN account.Remember the basic package of cloudflare is free of cost.if you want additional features you can choose paid plan of Cloudflare.

Cloudflare CDN pricing
Last thing you have to do in to get two DNS name servers provided by CloudFlare
example : (

CloudFlare CDN Nameservers
Login to your DNS name server provider
example : (Hostgator,Bluehost,Godaddy,Namecheap etc…).

Now You have to replace your the DNS Nameservers With Cloudflare servers.Now update and wait for 24 hours to resolve properly.


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