SEO Optimized Articles in WordPress

Many people who are best and well write the article, but in the front of SEO here are many terms and condition that make your article seo friendly. Seo optimized article is very vital for those who really want to increase their site ranking. Here are some tips and tricks that would be give you batter instructions that how can you write seo optimized article.
Many people have different blog post which they running in the web, but at that time when they are going to publish that articles on their blogs, they should keep in their mind some good tips. That would give them brief ways that how to earn via their seo optimized content. Two things are so important for the readers and seo, Meta tags and post title. Both things would be attractive for people and seo. Post title for people (how they would understand in that going article) Meta tag for the google.
Next is Meta description, this is vital thing you can consider to write down 150 character Meta description which include keyword in it. This is vital why? Because Google rank that description with keyword in batter way.
Next thing is to add images with description, as google didn’t read the images, this is good to write down the short description in them.
Anchor text and inter linking is also vital for good post.
Here are the quick check list that would be give you better understanding that your all post is as per seo.
First see post title is attractive
Must be add H1, H2, H3
Anchor text is vital
Meta description and Meta tags
This is the check list which you will consider when you are going to post article as per seo.
But how to write down that content, would you also consider some points when you are going to write or just simply add content? This is the batter answer of this question that you just search down the relevant data regarding the article and write on them. So never assume your content is not relevant and your article would be seo optimized.
Moreover, your article should have good density of keyword that identify how to rank your website for the help of that keyword. This is good to add anchor text in them. This is obvious to have good content to more rank your website. Finally, this is right if you have good content and seo optimized, your article would be ranker batter other websites. This should be good intimation that you receive good rank for your website due to your article. So if your article would be user friendly, readers come and batter understand what you want to explain in your article. This is the most attractive thing in your website. Usage of keyword is also in sensible, not that you just posted out of range and that would send your site in spam. So be very take care of this thing.

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