10 Best Web Hosting Companies

On Internet there are Various best web hosting companies are available now days. With this new emerging rage of self-employment, entrepreneurship, and more people are inclining towards this freedom of working rather than the regular 9 to 5 jobs. Listed here are top 10 best web hosting companies that you can use to your advantage. Let’s get started:

blue host:

Blue host is extremely suitable for businesses of small and medium sizes. It is one of the best web hosting companies that has been functioning since the year 1996. They are operating 2,000,000 sites at the present moment. Their range starts from $3.94 per month. The services they provide are appreciated in the entire world. They provide unlimited GB hosting space and domain hosting. Google advertising credit of about 100 is provided by blue host. They have a magnificent bonus of money back guarantee anytime you want and customer care services are available 24/7 to their customers. Their include Word Press hosting, hosting, and dedicated hosting in their plans… Blue host is an extremely fast and secure web solution for your business and definitely amongst best web hosting companies in the entire world.

Host Gator:

They say ‘web hosting made EASY and AFFORDABLE ‘. It provides unlimited disk space and bandwidth. It provides virtual private server along with the dedicated web hosting service. It is one of the best web hosting companies that is serving 3,000,000 customers.


Inmotion is a web hosting company that provides an amazing customer service. It is an extremely easy web hosting company to use; it provides various web hosting tools free of cost. . It provides solid state drives for free along with the unlimited space. It is the best option for wordpress hosting service. Vps hosting, reseller hosting are some of the services they provide.

Just Host:

It is an amazing and a superb option out there for your site. The lowest price provided by just host is 5.99 dollars. This is not easy on your pocket but it’s definitely worth it. A hosting service of just host has Linux and window based servers. It provides extremely quick service. It doesn’t have any setup fee. If you want to import a word press blog, it might be difficult, but it is definitely possible by just host.

Go daddy:

GoDaddy is a one of the best web hosting company that has emerged not too long ago and have reached heaps of success. Their services are secure, reliable and fast. With them you get unlimited bandwidth and various services for site building. They provide three packages being deluxe, ultimate and economy.


It is one of the top web hosting companies. It has been around for about 15 years and has catered a number of sites, blogs and businesses. The plans provided by them are quite bendable. Their regular price is 9.99 dollars/month. Its best feature is $500 advertising credit, which is absolutely free. They provide a money back guarantee, any time you want. It is one of the best web hosting companies.


Web.com has a very powerful logo called ‘YOU SAY IT, WE BUILD IT’. It really blooms up small businesses. They help you with management and web designing. They have multiple domain registers. It is very cost effective, as low as 0.50 dollars/month. It also provides unlimited bandwidth to their users. It is a complete web support package for your business.

Fat Cow:

It is amongst top best web hosting companies in the entire world. Their services are ideal for individuals and small organizations. Their selling point is that they are eco-friendly. They use servers that use wind energy. They start from $4.08. They provide various facilities like a free domain name, desk space and unlimited bandwidth. They are very easy to use and have quite a number of templates.

IX Web Hosting Service:

It provides unlimited bandwidth and space. It gives $175 credits for free advertising and also provides money back guarantee of 30 days. It was started in 1999 and since then providing exceptional services to people and has definitely made its mark amongst to 10 best web hosting companies. Their prices match their quality of work.


Prices of hub are starting from $3.99 and they are providing unlimited space and bandwidth. $200 advertising credit is given by them along with a money back guarantee of 90 days. It is easy to use and perfect for small businesses and is definitely amongst top 0 best web hosting companies. They provide exemplary service which is economical as well. They have earned numerous rewards for their work.

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